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Welcome to Scales Plus! 


As the name suggests, we provide a full range of Scales... + so much more.

Our main products include a wide range of Scales & Balances \ Weighing Equipment  \ Testing Tools \ Batteries \ Solar Panels & Power and Jewelry Trade Tools. We supply, distribute and build products of the highest quality as a wholesale supplier and to trade clients within Australia and Internationally. 

Established in February 2004, Scales Plus is an Award Winning business known as a reliable supplier of Scales & Weighing Equipment, Electronics & Batteries, Jewelry Supply Tools, in addition to various other products. If you’re looking to buy scales to provide a basic weighing solution or need custom built or calibrated weighing equipment; we are professionals in this field and can supply and provide back-up service anywhere in the world.

We continue to be committed to providing the highest product quality and exceptional customer service and have expanded our product range to include hundreds of Scales & Balances, all on hand in stock so that we are ready to cater for all of your business needs or your customers weighing requirements. 

Products: In addition to our full range of Scales & Weighing Equipment, we stock a wide range of Batteries, Jewelry Supply Tools, Measurement & Testing Tools, Metal Detection Tools, Solar Panels & Solar Power Supplies. Competitively priced products while never sacrificing on quality, through to the most sophisticated weighing solutions, you can count on us as a supplier. Browse our website and have a look at our range of practical and innovative products!  

If there is something you’re looking for not shown on our website, we specialize in custom built solutions. You say it; we’ll find a way to weigh it.


Compact Digital Hanging Scale \ Luggage Weighing \ Bike Weighing \ Fishing Scale 50kg x 20g \ 30kg x 10g \ 5kg x 2g
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